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What colour to paint…setting plaster pink.

There’s been no hiding from ice cream pastel tones this summer, and it’s not that I don’t like them, I just find them a bit too sickly sweet en masse.

I love aqua tones for their calming and soothing properties and I’m currently favouring a pink, not that sugared almond pink but one the colour of setting plaster, a pink with the very slightest addition of yellow.

It therefore pleased me to see the below palette in this month’s Elle Decoration.

They’ve added grey to the mix  that not only balances and grounds the lighter shades but also knocks a bit of the ‘girlyness’ out of it. My instinct would be to add one or a mix of concrete, brushed steel and naturally weathered wood, all incredibly warm materials when paired with these hues. This is Elle Dec’s interpretation of the palette in an interior:

IMG_4590And….a tad less professional, this is mine…IMG_4588It’s my nearly updated spare room and given it’s size and my somewhat lacking photography skills it is difficult to make it look as nice as it feels to be in but I can assure you there is a wall clad entirely in grey weathered wood and an ombre effect painted 1940’s wardrobe just behind me!

If you are like me and want to avoid girly princess at all costs but like the gentle qualities of these tones, adding small copper accessories will instantly give your room a contemporary feel. Using a range of sheen levels from chalky matt to full gloss will also add interest.



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What colour to paint…a dear.

Image…The people of Laos would say pink!

I don’t consider pink very often, it’s not that I hate it, I just don’t love it. When I saw this fine beast however, I took a picture immediately so I think I must be on the turn.

Pink , amongst other strong brights, have been dominant at many of the recent interiors trade shows, so I’m expecting to see more and more of it. Just look at it with those lush rich green leaves – match made in heaven! I’m even warming to the gold/yellow and pink combination

Have a look at some pink today!

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