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What colour to paint…a dear.

Image…The people of Laos would say pink!

I don’t consider pink very often, it’s not that I hate it, I just don’t love it. When I saw this fine beast however, I took a picture immediately so I think I must be on the turn.

Pink , amongst other strong brights, have been dominant at many of the recent interiors trade shows, so I’m expecting to see more and more of it. Just look at it with those lush rich green leaves – match made in heaven! I’m even warming to the gold/yellow and pink combination

Have a look at some pink today!


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What colour to paint…tree trunks.



Have you ever heard of yarn bombing? If not, the above is a great example of a tree that has be ‘yarn bombed’.

This was on display at Maison et Objet in Paris but it is believed the act of guerrilla knitting public property started in the Netherlands nearly 10 years ago. Using left over wool, artists knit and or crochet around objects – could be anything from a park bench to a tank – and leave for the public to enjoy. The colours and patterns never cease to inspire and are a great way to add a bit of personality to otherwise mundane furniture. The effect can be achieved with paint so non-knitters are not exempt!

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What colour to paint…with beautiful berries?


I love it when Eve comes for dinner. She always brings an usual item for my table. Last night these beautiful berries were bestowed upon me. Bright rich orange and an intriguing purple they got me wondering how I could incorporate this into my home.

In the absence of an actual room to paint to illustrate my thinking I went for pasta instead. Given the colours are so bold it is likely I would get bored so I would use white as a backdrop and insert the colours as accents on a small piece of furniture…


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What colour to paint…in NEON!

ImageI have developed a slight obsession with neon of late.

Should I be worried that I bought a florescent pink knit without a second thought?


BUT you can’t deny the instant uplift neon yellow gives this table setting as seen in the Zara Home window display in Milan. Very easy to do, a neon kick doesn’t have to be permanent – add a cushion, ornament or if you’re feeling bold,  a piece of furniture.


Above: Another example of Zara’s nod to the growing trend. Also on display during Milan Design week, Society offered a grown up selection of nearly neon bedding.  http://www.societylimonta.com/prodotto.php?lang=en&sez=letto&presel=federe&product=93Image

Considering neon is anything but natural it is strange that it absolutely works when paired with natural materials such as cotton, linen and wood – see above example.


This multifunctional piece looks great against bare concrete -http://www.brosefogale.co.uk/

What are you waiting for? Get your neon on!

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