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What colour to paint…wedding seating.

ombreweddingchair.jpg.image.W8N4E539S806w300.originalSource: As seen at www.confettidaydreams.com

Whilst researching something entirely unrelated today I stumbled upon a selection of ideas for wedding seating.

It was the colour that caught my eye but the ideas themselves are a really clever way of injecting life into an interior. The beauty being the temporary nature of it; with the ideas above and below you can use ribbon or fabric in whatever colour takes your fancy. When you’re bored you can easily remove and use to wrap all your Christmas presents!!

stylemepretty2.jpg.image.W0N200E400S600w300.originalSource: As seen at pinterest.com

martha.jpg.image.W0N88E360S448w300.originalSource: As seen at tiedbowblog.wordpress.com

I love rope so immediately loved this concept by association BUT I would definitely paint those chairs navy to maximize the nautical look – you could even paint the rope too!

This is a wedding in a stable. Yep a stable. The photography and styling are making me jealous of the horses. I like the simple use of the blues and oranges to add warmth and sparkle to an otherwise generally industrious environment.

wedding_chairs006.jpg.image.W0N0E513S770w300.originalSource: As seen at alixannlooslephotography.blogspot.co.uk

Think we all need to visit a haberdashery….


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