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What colour to paint…wedding seating.

ombreweddingchair.jpg.image.W8N4E539S806w300.originalSource: As seen at www.confettidaydreams.com

Whilst researching something entirely unrelated today I stumbled upon a selection of ideas for wedding seating.

It was the colour that caught my eye but the ideas themselves are a really clever way of injecting life into an interior. The beauty being the temporary nature of it; with the ideas above and below you can use ribbon or fabric in whatever colour takes your fancy. When you’re bored you can easily remove and use to wrap all your Christmas presents!!

stylemepretty2.jpg.image.W0N200E400S600w300.originalSource: As seen at pinterest.com

martha.jpg.image.W0N88E360S448w300.originalSource: As seen at tiedbowblog.wordpress.com

I love rope so immediately loved this concept by association BUT I would definitely paint those chairs navy to maximize the nautical look – you could even paint the rope too!

This is a wedding in a stable. Yep a stable. The photography and styling are making me jealous of the horses. I like the simple use of the blues and oranges to add warmth and sparkle to an otherwise generally industrious environment.

wedding_chairs006.jpg.image.W0N0E513S770w300.originalSource: As seen at alixannlooslephotography.blogspot.co.uk

Think we all need to visit a haberdashery….


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What colour to paint…floor?

The real answer to this question is whatever colour you like but I am going to share two brilliant monochrome examples I saw in Milan.IMG_4122


IMG_4102Both examples are tiles but with some paint, masking tape, a ruler and a bit of imagination you can recreate this for a fraction of the cost on a concrete or wooden floor.

A patterned floor, especially in black and white, gives any room the wow factor. Walls should be kept to one colour so as not to detract and over complicate the space. If you already have parquet flooring in a herringbone format you have a template to create the zig zag pattern above, which means a lot less effort at the measuring stage!

Anyone painted a floor recently?

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What colour to paint…with washi tape.

washi tapeFlicking through Elle Decoration this morning I happened upon this gem of an idea. Simple and effective, as all good ideas should be, it transforms a blank wall.

I particularly love the subtle softness the hand torn edges of that beautiful transluscent pink add to the graphic monochrome. Great shapes too. If you want to recreate (I know I will be) you can buy Japanese washi tape in a whole host of colours from http://www.papermash.co.uk


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What colour to paint…cotton.


I think we all know the answer to this one……every colour under the sun!

Took this in South East Asia in January and it still makes me smile – funny how just a selection of coloured objects can do that. I especially like that it makes me think of colour combinations I probably would never have considered.

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What colour to paint… a sofa!

IMG_3101Despite the non-believers protests it turns out you CAN actually spray paint a sofa.
Admittedly it is not as soft as the fabric once dry but a light coat of emulsion as per the above is still comfortable enough.
Would recommend starting on a cheap Ikea sofa (as per image) before graduating to the family heirloom though!


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What colour to paint…in NEON!

ImageI have developed a slight obsession with neon of late.

Should I be worried that I bought a florescent pink knit without a second thought?


BUT you can’t deny the instant uplift neon yellow gives this table setting as seen in the Zara Home window display in Milan. Very easy to do, a neon kick doesn’t have to be permanent – add a cushion, ornament or if you’re feeling bold,  a piece of furniture.


Above: Another example of Zara’s nod to the growing trend. Also on display during Milan Design week, Society offered a grown up selection of nearly neon bedding.  http://www.societylimonta.com/prodotto.php?lang=en&sez=letto&presel=federe&product=93Image

Considering neon is anything but natural it is strange that it absolutely works when paired with natural materials such as cotton, linen and wood – see above example.


This multifunctional piece looks great against bare concrete -http://www.brosefogale.co.uk/

What are you waiting for? Get your neon on!

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Where are you summer?

What colour to paint…my salad servers?
Even as the rain is crashing down I will not let my optimism for a glorious summer disappear!

In a quiet protest I WILL get my salad servers salad-serving ready by adding a touch of colour! Who’s with me?!

Step 1. To go for a graphic look mask off area to be painted with a good masking tape (I recommend Frog Tape or Tesa).


Step 2. Using a wood appropriate paint (eggshell/satin or gloss generally), paint the handles. As I live near the beach I’ve chosen a deep aqua marine which is sympathetic to natural materials. Leave to dry, then repeat.


Step 3. Carefully remove masking tape and get serving!



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