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What colour to paint…super cool doll’s houses.

As a child I was never drawn to the doll’s house.

Give me some materials (Lego, egg boxes, ice cream tubs, shoe boxes etc)  and I would make the doll’s house but didn’t really see the playing potential once built, unless it was to build another and another until I’d created a whole estate.

These doll’s houses are different. They were first exhibited at London design festival but I only found out about them by chance when a very good friend took the time to alert me of their existence.

They are not only different but off the miniature design scale.

The master minds behind this project are the Cathedral Group who instructed 20 contemporary architects and designers, in collaboration with artists and other creatives, to design and build a contemporary dolls’ house. The dolls houses are being auctioned to raise money for the children’s charity KIDS (http://www.kids.org.uk/) so each creation includes at least one feature that makes life easier for a child with a disability.

You have until 11th November to make a bid with all funds going to an incredibly worthy cause. If you can’t afford your own house let alone one for a doll you should still take a peek – find a few to tempt you below…

all 20 can be viewed at http://interactivefundraising.co.uk/adollshouse/

domasAMODELS – Creative architectural model makers

make architectsMAKE ARCHITECTS-Award-winning international architectural practice


2b-large-600x450ALLFORD HALL MONAGHAN MORRIS -RIBA Award winning architects.




duggan_morrisDUGGAN MORRIS ARCHITECTS – In collaboration with Unit 22 Modelmakers


zaha hadidZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS – Internationally renowned, award-winning architects


All images from: http://interactivefundraising.co.uk/adollshouse/


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