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What colour to paint…Latvia.


I wanted to pop to Russia for a weekend but the visa required pushed it a little out of my budget…. Hmmm. Where to go instead?…….

Latvia? suggested my colourblind friend, Dan. We booked some tickets.

I could already feel the grey before we left the airport – What can you expect from a country still bearing deep scars from Soviet rule?

Every colour I encountered was the faded version. I mentioned this to Dan. Turns out Dan’s whole world looks like Latvia because he’s colourblind. I started to feel guilty for the times we’d made him colour in the sea green in year 8 geography.

Faded terracotta, orangey yellow brick and pale green the colour of the soap in your grandma’s house were at every corner so I went out in search of something BOLD.

I found this:


And this:


And this:DSC_0966

And this:


Despite its drab appearance, I found, if you look, there are pockets of colour all over Latvia and many colourful characters whose faces tell the stories the language barrier prohibited.


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