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What colour to paint…with washi tape.

washi tapeFlicking through Elle Decoration this morning I happened upon this gem of an idea. Simple and effective, as all good ideas should be, it transforms a blank wall.

I particularly love the subtle softness the hand torn edges of that beautiful transluscent pink add to the graphic monochrome. Great shapes too. If you want to recreate (I know I will be) you can buy Japanese washi tape in a whole host of colours from



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What colour to paint… a sofa!

IMG_3101Despite the non-believers protests it turns out you CAN actually spray paint a sofa.
Admittedly it is not as soft as the fabric once dry but a light coat of emulsion as per the above is still comfortable enough.
Would recommend starting on a cheap Ikea sofa (as per image) before graduating to the family heirloom though!


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Where are you summer?

What colour to paint…my salad servers?
Even as the rain is crashing down I will not let my optimism for a glorious summer disappear!

In a quiet protest I WILL get my salad servers salad-serving ready by adding a touch of colour! Who’s with me?!

Step 1. To go for a graphic look mask off area to be painted with a good masking tape (I recommend Frog Tape or Tesa).


Step 2. Using a wood appropriate paint (eggshell/satin or gloss generally), paint the handles. As I live near the beach I’ve chosen a deep aqua marine which is sympathetic to natural materials. Leave to dry, then repeat.


Step 3. Carefully remove masking tape and get serving!



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