What colour to paint…dip dye – my top 5.

During 2011 the cool kids started dip dying their hair.

Bring on 2013 and everyone is dip dying something. I prefer to do something that not everyone is doing but I’ve been doing the paint equivalent of dip dying for the last 18 months. Give me something in natural wood and I’ll half spray it before you’ve blinked.

Dip dying, also referred to as ‘ombre’, is a colour gradient fading from dark to light and now graces anything from walls to nails, furniture to clothes. So what is it about this effect? and why now?

It’s new, easy, quick and looks great (most of the time) and after a few harsh years economically speaking, we’re looking for things that are soft, things that have an easy and gradual transition, things that are simple but provide interest and lets not forget the Do It Yourself/ Maker trend that is so popular right now.

The results of this effect can be wildly different depending on the colour used and the speed of the transition between light and dark. It’s a great way for injecting a brighter colour into a space/item and although this is a statement in itself, you’re gently led in or out with a slow fade of colour making it much easier to stomach than a solid hit. Small accessories; cushions, ceramics and ornaments look fantastic with this simple treatment and are a quick and non-permanent way to get involved with the trend.

Lounge 4

I’ve just been working on the VIP lounge area for New York fashion week and have combined a classic nautical navy and white with a bright yellow ombre effect. Much to the contractors surprise I insisted they ombre the natural jute rugs I’d specified with the same yellow paint.Lounge 16

So we can look back and remember why it was we did this in ten years time I have compiled my top 5 dip dyes below. Enjoy!



This Ercol seat was one of the first examples to hit the market and has remained a firm favourite ever since!


As seen in House and Garden June 13 edition (UK) an amazing example of how to stretch the trend to include pattern.


Love, love, love! this simple cutlery that popped up during Milan Design Festival 2013.


Taken from http://www.housetohome.com this is a great example of the effect you can achieve on a wall.

table clothimagesAnd finally…fabric, love the colour used on this table cloth (www.care2.com) and I couldn’t do a report without including at least one cushion (www.justalittlejoy.com).


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