What colour to paint…a wall in a bar.


IMG_4579Through one person you meet another and through them you get a free membership to a members only bar in Tottenham Court Road.

You pop in to check it out, get chatting to the owner and suggest a few things he could do to liven the decor.

Next thing you know you have 6 rolls of masking tape round your wrist and a cheap tape measure from the corner shop in your hand.

‘Cool. Do what you want’ he says and goes to a meeting.

You wonder whether he actually meant it whilst thinking I’ll be late for dinner with Jess if I don’t get started…so you get started. Thanks to Mr Pythagoras, a few calculations later you’re up and running masking equilateral triangles (ok, as close as you can get to equilateral triangles) all over the place.


Et voila….. a piece of wall art.

Each section is to be painted but I’d have never made dinner if I’d got involved with that so I’m awaiting an image of the final painted piece sans masking tape…will keep you posted!

The American Banksy equivalent did downstairs so I hope to God it looks hot because if not it will look super bad in comparison!!



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