What colour to paint…Copenhagen

I’ve wanted to visit Scandinavia forever so was particularly pleased when work shipped me off to Copenhagen, Denmark.

My visit was short, merely a day and half, but it didn’t disappoint. I managed to take a great number of photos through the rain and will share them with you below:

I was drawn to the gate and the graffiti but the lady who photo-bombed me kind of makes the shot. I like the grey with mauve undertones paired with the washed out aged blue of the gate and the soft, fluid orange and blue lines of the graffiti.



Typical Scandinavian architecture, great to draw if you’re that way inclined and even better better to colour in!!



This was a metal office on a bridge, what an amazing green. It reminds me of that beautiful colour you sometimes get in the sea on a particularly sunny day in the tropics. I love the aged and weathered affect like it’s been through a photocopier and an x-ray machine.

Back to Hay again, beautifully made storage boxes in a perfectly Danish colour palette. http://www.hay.dk



Thought this was a nice way to display a colour scheme! Seen in the design department store Illums Bolighus; www.illumsbolighus.dk



Coral ombre money box, what better way to spend the money you’ve been saving. www.ferm-living.com/house-of-money-coral/



Looks like the person on the TV was as delighted as I was to discover the art on my hotel room wall, an unusual mix of colours and lines that just worked. Each one of Hotel Fox’s 61 rooms has been decorated by a different artist so you never know what to expect! www.brochner-hotels.dk/en/our-hotels/fox/



I have no idea what this says but I love black and hot pink.




This is the Stella McCartney store painted in a strong, opulent, green based navy – beautiful.  www.stellamccartney.com

Hope you enjoyed my Copenhagen best bits, they’ll be plenty more once I’ve visited again!


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