What colour to paint…Palazzo Peckham

If you are experiencing warm but overcast and dull weather as I am, I think we can be forgiven for craving a bit of colour, it is summer (?) after all!

Whilst researching for a project I couldn’t help but notice Palazzo Peckham, a creative hub for artists and designers to relax and rejuvenate during the recent Venice Biennale.

Created in an old boat workshop, like minded creatives are encouraged to hang out and co-create. The space was designed and decorated by a number of artists and comprised of a grand hall, reading room, bar-lounge courtyard and jetty. The images below (all sourced from http://www.wgsn.com) give a very colourful take on camouflage, with the vibrant patterns covering everything from walls to ceilings and furniture to flowers!










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