What colour to paint…Sophie.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.31.32

This is Sophie.

She’s not just any Sophie but the Sophie behind the heroic illustrations of Willy Walnut (www.willywalnut.co.uk).

The Sophie behind my girl crush.

The Sophie who loves colour and is currently fasinated with YELLOW.

Me: ‘So what is it about yellow ?’

Soph: ‘I love how yellow things make me feel, like unwaxed lemons which smell and taste great in and on anything. A very good friend of mine bought me a lemon holder for the fridge which is still very exciting to behold. I also have a very brand new old up-cycled raleigh bike which has been sprayed powder yellow in the exact same colour as my logo, and even has a green wooden pencil in place of the pump which looks bloody brilliant. The sun is yellow and when he has his hat on friends come out to play and summer is finally here.’


Check out those wheels – you couldn’t fail to be happy when riding this!photo-11 The infamous lemon holder! (available to buy in Marks & Spencers)

Sophie has extended her love of yellow into the nursery she is currently preparing for the impending arrival of her first child. Wary yellow can be difficult to get right, Sophie chose to paint the walls in a pale grey with lilac undertones and add yellow through accessories. A primitive colourful rug on the floor with yellow running through it, a soft zig zag Anthropologie cushion and she has even commissioned some bespoke blinds with a yellow panel at the bottom.

How do you feel about yellow?


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