What colour to paint…pylons.

DSC_0530I love shapes.

These pylons, although generally regarded as an eyesore, look great in silhouette. Their graphic, definite structure is perfectly juxtaposed against the natural quiet strength of the mountain backdrop.

So taken with this photo I decided to recreate in silk screen format. The mountains look just like torn sheets of paper so I used some newspaper to reproduce the shapes and the pylons gave me a chance to get out my much loved rotring pen and ruler! To re-emphasise the structure of the pylons I printed on to a massive sheet of graph paper.


The very slight change in colour with each layer of the landscape is actually a brilliant way to decorate. It works with all colours but currently is especially fashionable with whites. The more you layer them the more depth it gives the overall scheme. Don’t restrict yourself to walls and woodwork; get ceilings, furniture, floors and ornaments involved!



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June 2, 2013 · 9:15 am

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