What colour to paint…in NEON!

ImageI have developed a slight obsession with neon of late.

Should I be worried that I bought a florescent pink knit without a second thought?


BUT you can’t deny the instant uplift neon yellow gives this table setting as seen in the Zara Home window display in Milan. Very easy to do, a neon kick doesn’t have to be permanent – add a cushion, ornament or if you’re feeling bold,  a piece of furniture.


Above: Another example of Zara’s nod to the growing trend. Also on display during Milan Design week, Society offered a grown up selection of nearly neon bedding.  http://www.societylimonta.com/prodotto.php?lang=en&sez=letto&presel=federe&product=93Image

Considering neon is anything but natural it is strange that it absolutely works when paired with natural materials such as cotton, linen and wood – see above example.


This multifunctional piece looks great against bare concrete -http://www.brosefogale.co.uk/

What are you waiting for? Get your neon on!


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